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  Commercial Recycling
  Recycling is good business:  By implementing a recycling program, and letting everyone know about it, businesses can communicate to customers that they care about the environment and are cost-conscious.  Find out more.


Arranging for Pickup

Businesses should contact their current waste hauler to find out about recycling requirements and to set up a collection schedule. New businesses may contact the Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council, www.gpcrc.com/index.asp or the Department of Environmental Protection, www.dep.state.pa.us, for more information.


Reporting Instructions


All commercial, institutional and municipal entities must provide written documentation as to the type and weight of materials recycled annually. Hough Associates serves as the Recycling Data Collector for the Township and will provide businesses with a recycling report form each year.

 Recycling data is very important to Lower Providence Township which receives funds from the State based on recycling tonnage.
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