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  LPT's Green Efforts
  Programmable Thermostats /Efficient Lighting
  Programmable thermostats were installed in Township buildings and inefficient fixtures in the Township Administration Building and Public Works facility were replaced with energy-efficient lighting.
  The Township received a $200,000 Department of Energy grant in 2009 for a solar feasibility study for Moyer's landfill and Township facilities. Learn more about the solar technology and what you can do at Pa Solar's website.
  Flex Fuel Vehicles
  Two flex fuel vehicles were added to the Township fleet.
  Stormwater Basin Retrofits
  In an effort to promote stormwater infiltration and improve overall water quality in our watershed LPT has converted a number of stormwater basins from mowed turfgrass to naturalized areas.  Funding totaling $35,000 has come from a Department of Environmental Protection Grown Greener II and TreeVitalize programs. Follow the link to our Stormwater Management page to learn more about basin conversions and other stormwater programs.  
  The reduce, reuse, recycle manta is being increasingly important to the Township.  Please check out our recycling webpage for more info and resources.
  When newsletters go out we make an effort to include information that relates to our green projects.
  Earth Friendly Products
  LPT has been purchasing products that are energy saving and save resources.  Something as simple as purchasing energy star electronics can save money and pollution.  We have switched out bottled water coolers for point of source filtered water.  By converting we eliminate pollution from transportation and reduce landfill waste.
  Electronic Communication
  Gone are the days when we had to copy something and fax it.  Today we have resources such as network faxing, e-mail, scanning, document management, etc. that allow the Township to utilize electronic formats.  By utilizing electronic formats we have been able to increase communication while reducing time and resources.

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