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  2017 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-17-01 Providence Place - 3974-3976-4000 Ridge Pike
  2016 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-16-02 Hoffman-McQuiggan - 251 Pinetown Road
  Z-16-11 Cherian – 9 Evans Road
  2015 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-15-03 LP Rod & Gun Club- 2857 Egypt Road
  Z-15-04 Szakacs 1034 - Skyline Circle
  Z-15-06 Anderko - 37 Crawford Road
  Z-15-07 Shafer - 1061 Shearwater Drive
  Z-15-10 Swinney-131 Oakdale Avenue
  Z-15-08 Bickel - 3770 Ridge Pike
  Z-15-11 Reddy - 5026 Woodgate
  2014 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-14-01 - 2626 Ridge Pike
  Z-14-02 - Accolade Properties - Fifth St
  Z-14-04 -101 Hillside Avenue
  Z-14-05 - 2785 Audubon Road
  Z-14-06 - 513 Highgate Road
  Z-14-07 - 801 Mockingbird Road
  Z-14-08 - 135 Oakdale Avenue
  Z-14-09 - Tabor - Fifth St
  Z-14-11 - 3301 Ridge Pike
  Z-14-12 - 728 Raynham Road
  Z-14-14 - 201 Church Road
  Z-14-15 - 1161-65 S Trooper Road
  Z-14-16 - 2753 Maplewood Mews
  Z-14-17 - 2652 Amy Drive
  Z-14-18 - 3758 Old Baptist Road
  Z-14-19 - 123 Tomstock Circle
  Z-14-20 - 372 Church Road
  Z-14-21 - 521 Lexington Lane
  Z-14-22 - 2600 W Ridge Pike
  2013 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-13-01 Donald & Denise Thomas
  Z-13-03 14 Medway Circle - Travis & Jennifer Stitt
  2012 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-12-01 Wayne Arena
  Z-12-02 Methacton School District
  Z-12-03 Mark and Pamela Sepnefski
  Z-12-04 William E. Ronan

Z-12-05 Anthony and Lisa Branca

  Z-12-06 Joseph Proietto
  Z-12-07 Trooper Dental Associates
  Z-12-08 Jon and Lori Costanza
  Z-12-09 Joseph and Lilian Russella
  2011 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-11-01 Anthony and Lisa Jost
  Z-11-02 Eric and Cindi Wilcox
  Z-11-03 Jennifer and Brian Petka - Withdrawn
  Z-11-04 Joseph Webster and Laura Winslow
  Z-11-05 David and Doreen Marberger
  Z-11-06 Han Vo
  Z-11-08 Joseph and Allyson Debes
  Z-11-09 Stanley and Dolores Sarnocinski
  Z-11-10 Anthony and Lisa Jost
  Z-11-11 Yu Qing Liu
  Z-11-12 Eric and Sophia Hoepfl
  Z-11-13 Bruce and Janice Saville
  Z-11-14 Veronica Gambone
  Z-11-15 Lower Providence Recreational Partners, LLC
  Z-11-16 Joseph and Rosanna Urbano
  Z-11-17 Catherine Beyer
  Z-11-18 Gene and Weippo Chessen
  Z-11-19 ABH Builders, Inc. - Withdrawn
  Z-11-20 Tom McKelvey
  Z-11-21 Veronica Gambone
  Z-11-22 Steven and Anna Burry
  Z-11-23 Thomas and Melissa Culligan
  Z-11-24 William Pinkstone
  Z-11-25 Shellis and Jo Shockley
  Z-11-26 Michael and Amy Fisher
  Z-11-27 Reilly Foam Corporation
  Z-11-28 John and Deborah Tagland
  Z-11-29 Costanza
  Z-11-30 Senator Rafferty
  2010 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-10-01 Bryant Powell IV
  Z-10-02 Simon Eastmure
  Z-10-03 Marisa Cavalieri
  Z-10-04 Charles and Dana Deardoff
  Z 10-05 Jon and Lori Constanza
  Z-10-06 Gene E and Weipo Chessen
  Z-10-08 Gerald F McDermott and Heather A Noel
  Z-10-09 Lisa J Fenno
  Z-10-10 Rosemarie Lomire
  Z-10-11 Chestnut Street Properties LLC
  Z-10-12 Thomas and Susanne Clark
  Z-10-14 Clearwireless LLC
  Z-10-15 Montgomery Del Val Association A Pennsylvania Limited Partnership
  Z-10-16 John Reilly
  Z-10-17 MB Investments
  Z-10-18 Metro PCS
  Z-10-19 Star Career Academy
  Z 10-20 Michael Spence
  2009 Zoning Appeal Decisions
  Z-09-01 Barry
  Z-09-02 Nigro - Withdrawn
  Z-09-03 Ray
  Z-09-04 Metro PCS LLC
  Z-09-05 Clearwireless LLC
  Z-09-06 DeMedio
  Z-09-07 Vincent & Barbara Cane
  Z-09-09 Robert & Teresa Morella
  Z-09-10 Van Conversions, Inc
  Z-09-11 Pawlings Road Land Associates
  Z-09-12 Prince
  Z-09-13 Nigro
  Z-09-14 Nansteel
  Z-09-15 Carrio
  Z-09-16 Dorn
  Z-09-17 Morrison Homes
  Z-09-18 Caplan
  Z-09-19 DiGiovanni
  Z-09-21 Victory Christian Fellowship
  Z-09-22 Dawn M. Pool
  Z-09-23 Joyce & Robert Legge
  Z-09-24 Betty R. Simpson

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