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  Fire Marshal
  The Fire Marshal is responsible for the following activities: Fire Prevention and Public Education, Fire Investigations, Fire Safety Inspections, Commercial Change of Owner / Change of Tenant Inspections, and Enforcement of the Township Fire Codes.
  Fire Marshal Department Staff
  Charlie A. DeFrangesco Fire Marshal
  Ronald Kenwood Deputy Fire Marshal
  James Alexander Assistant Fire Marshal

Contact Information

  Phone (610) 539-5901
  Fax (610) 630-2219
  Hours of Operation 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Weekdays
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  Fire Prevention and Public Education

The best time to control a fire is before it starts. The Fire Marshal has a varied assortment of brochures and information available to the public to show them how they can help prevent fires. Some of the topics covered in these brochures include fire safety during the holidays, fire safety checklists that can be used around the home, information on making home emergency escape plans, fire safety tips for seniors, electrical fire safety, outdoor fire safety, and carbon monoxide detectors. Residents are welcome to pick up brochures during business hours at the Township Building.

Read how fire prevention education helped a local family.

Fire safety programs, presentations, and assistance with developing emergency plans are also available to the public, businesses, public and private schools, day care centers, and civic organizations. The National Fire Protection Association's Learn Not to Burn program, geared towards elementary and intermediate school-aged children, and Remembering When: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults, for the senior community, is available through the Fire Marshal's Office. Contact the Fire Marshal for more information about a fire safety program tailored to your group or business.

  Fire Investigations
  The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for coordinating and conducting investigations of fires that occur within the Township to determine their origin and cause. In the case of accidental fires, the information gathered is important to determine if defective products or processes were involved, so that improvements may be made to prevent similar fires from occurring in the future. If a fire is determined to be intentionally set, the Fire Marshal works closely with the Lower Providence Police Department to find those responsible for prosecution and / or rehabilitation, including juvenile fire setters. Also, the information gathered from fires is used to update and improve the fire prevention programs described above.
  Fire Safety Inspections
  One of the primary duties of the Fire Marshal is performing fire safety inspections in commercial, industrial, institutional, and business properties; and multi-occupancy locations such as apartment buildings. These places are inspected periodically to ensure compliance with the Township's fire and safety codes and ordinances. During these inspections, owners and occupants are also encouraged to develop implement emergency plans in the event that they are involved in any type of disaster or emergency.
  Residential Resale Inspections
  All residential properties in the Township that are sold must be visually inspected to ensure compliance with Township building and safety codes prior to changing ownership. The Code Enforcement Department performs this inspection as a tool to identify potential fire and safety hazards in residences and get them corrected. Additional information is available at the Township Administration Office.
  Commercial Change of Owner / Change of Tenant Inspections
  When a commercial property has a change of owner or a change of tenant, a Commercial Certificate of Compliance is required. Once the application is completed, an inspection by the Code Enforcement department is conducted to verify compliance with the Township's Fire Code. For more information regarding this inspection, contact the Code Enforcement department.
Fire Marshal / Police Department
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