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  Lower Providence Township Documents

Administration Forms

    Lower Providence Community Access Posting Policy
    Lower Providence Community Access Posting Form
    Request For Information Form
    Auditorium Use Policy and Auditorium Use Application Form

Community Development Forms and Applications

    Alarm Permit Application
    Business License Application
    Business License Exemption Form
    Commercial Certificate of Compliance Application
    Building Permit Application
    Mechanical Permit Application
    Electrical Permit Application
    Plumbing Permit Application
    Sewer Lateral / Water Service Permit Application
    Fire Suppression Application
    Demolition Application



Building Permit Application (NEW Single Form)

Alarm Permit Application

    Sewer Lateral / Water Service Permit Application

Fire Suppression Application

    Residential Resale Certificate of Compliance Application
    Demolition Application
    Zoning Permit Application
    Subdivision and Land Development Application Package
    Subdivision and Land Development Procedures
    Professional Services Agreement
    Affidavit of Posting
    Extension Agreement
  Community Development Maps, Plans & Documents
    Checklist - Business License Inspection
    Checklist - Residential Certificate of Compliance
    Lower Providence Township Zoning Map
    Sewer Installation & Connection Guide
  Open Space Maps, Plans & Documents
    Open Space Plan Document
    Open Space Plan Map
    Open Space Build Out Plan
    Open Space Master Trail Plan

Miscellaneous Forms

    Apartment Occupants Form
    Garage or Yard Sale Form
    Impervious Coverage Form
    Change of Subcontractor Form
    Contractor Registration Form


    2017 Fee Schedule
    Amusement Tax Application Form
    Amusement Tax Return Form
    Trash Certification Form

Park and Recreation Forms

    Walk of Honor Commemorative Brick Information
    Tree and Bench Donation Program


    Project Return Safely Instructions and Registration Form
    Residential Emergency Information Form (MSWord)
    Business Emergency Contact Form (PDF) (MSWord)
    Block Party Application
    Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud Information
    Peddling and Soliciting Permit Form

Public Works

    Road Opening Permit
  Sewer Authority
    Important Paperless Billing and Other Information
    Paperless Billing Form
    Sewer Certification Request

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