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  Providence Place - 4000 Ridge Pike

Providence Place is a proposal to convert the former Collegeville Inn property into a Life Care Facility for approximately 190 residents in 160 apartments.

Providence Place description


Traffic Review Letter - July 17, 2017

Updated plans - May 23, 2017

Engineer's Letter - Preliminary Plan Submission No. 3

Community Impact Analysis - March 29, 2017

Update from applicant's traffic engineer - March 20, 2017

The proposal is making its way through the Township's land development review process. As of January 20, 2017, the schedule is:

Feb. 16 - Decision from the Board of Supervisors on the Conditional Use Application.

Conditional use approval granted - Press Release

July 26 - The Lower Providence Township Planning Commission will consider the revised preliminary plan. The Planning Commission is an advisory board and may make a recommendation to forward on to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. The applicant had presented preliminary land development plans to the Planning Commission on Feb. 22. As a result of this presentation, no recommendation was put forth by the Commission. The applicant gathered input and has submitted revised plans.

July 26 Planning Commission Agenda

Feb. 23 - Hearing before the Lower Providence Township Zoning Hearing Board to consider the applicant's variance from §143-240 to allow construction of retaining walls in areas of steep slopes and from §86-401 to permit placement of fill within any designated floodway.  The Board heard testimony and expect to issue a verbal decision at the March 23 meeting.

Zoning Hearing Board Decision

Zoning Hearing Board application

Zoning Hearing Board application amendment - 1-25-2017

If the applicant receives the above required approvals and recommendations, the preliminary plan will proceed to the Board of Supervisors as the elected officials of the Township. This involves a minimum of two meetings with a presentation and then a later decision. If approved, the applicant will revise their plans to address any conditions and will resubmit for staff and consultant review. Plans would then be scheduled for consideration by the Township Planning Commission and then final approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Once the applicant has received their approval from the Township and from the outside agencies, plans will be recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds and agreements for public improvements executed. Providence Place will then apply for building and construction permits.

Please visit this page or contact the Community Development Department for updates, planning@lowerprovidence.org, 610-635-3514.

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  Subdivision and Land Development
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  Municipalities Planning Code
  Township Codes, including Section 123, Subdivision and Land Development, and Section 143, Zoning.
  The submittal, review, approval and construction of a subdivision and/or land development are a process.  Below is a complete application package with submittal procedural policy, as well as various additional information regarding impact fees. 
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  Conditional Use Application
  Conditional Use Submittal Procedure and Policy
  Individual Property Record Information

If you require property information such as tax parcel number, tax map, sales data, lot dimensions and size, sketch plan of a home, ownership records, properties within 500 feet or assessment records for properties in Lower Providence Township, please click on the following link for a copy of your property: 

Montgomery County Property Records

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