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The Lower Providence Township Police Department is a professional, progressive, community oriented law enforcement organization committed to making Lower Providence Township a good place to live, work and play.  The department consists of thirty-one police officers and two civilian dispatchers.  The department provides a multitude of police services to a resident population of 25,605 people in a geographic area of 14.77 square miles.

In December of 2006, the Lower Providence Township Police Department was identified as an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission after having gone through a demanding assessment process that evaluated the department’s compliance with the highest of law enforcement standards.  The department has been reaccredited for three-year periods twice since the initial accreditation period with the current accredited status effective until December of 2018.  The accredited law enforcement agency designation distinguishes the Lower Providence Township Police Department as part of only 7% of the nearly 1,200 law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that have successfully achieved accredited status.

  Police Department Staff
  Stanley M. Turtle Chief of Police
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  Police Emergency 9-1-1
  Telephone (610) 539-5901
  Fax (610) 630-2219
  Station Hours 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Weekdays
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  Utility Imposter Warning
  Click here for important information on how to protect yourself against utility worker imposters.

Under Township Ordinance, anyone engaged in peddling or soliciting in the Township is required to obtain a license from the Police Department. The approved Peddling and Soliciting license must be carried by those soliciting.  Soliciting is restricted to the hours of 9 am to 8pm or sunset, and there is to be no soliciting at any time on Sundays.  Click here for a list of approved solicitors/peddlers with permits.

  Department Structure
Police Department

The department maintains two divisions or units.  The Patrol Division is the largest unit and is responsible for the primary police services provided to the Township.  The Patrol Division is composed of four platoons that are each supervised by a Sergeant.  Patrol cars are equipped with Mobile Data Computers (MDC) which are computer terminals that provide officers with instantaneous information on driver’s license information, vehicle registration information, stolen vehicle information, wanted person information and confidential messaging between vehicles and the Police Dispatch Center.  Officers are also able to prepare accident reports and incident reports in their vehicles and transmit them electronically to the records management system server in the police station.  All of the patrol cars are equipped with Mobile Video and Audio Recorders (MVAR) that are utilized to digitally record vehicle stops, DUI enforcement, suspicious activity and crime scenes.  Within the Patrol Division, specialized units are maintained within the Canine unit, with one police dog and its handler, the Traffic Unit, with responsibility for coordinating traffic enforcement and traffic safety, and the Bicycle Patrol Unit. 

The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of all criminal offenses that occur within the Township.  A Detective Sergeant supervises the division. 

The department also participates in regionalized specialized police services with officers assigned to Central Montgomery County Special Weapons and Tactics (CMSWAT) team and the Montgomery County Drug Task Force.

  Project ChildSafe Firearm Safety Kits - Free firearm safety kits are available to residents through a partnership with Project ChildSafe.  The kits, which include a gun lock and informational brochure, can be picked up at the Police Dispatch Center during operating hours of 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday..
  Project Return Safely - The Lower Providence Township Police Department in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Association Delaware Valley Chapter, is proud to present Project Return Safely. Project Return Safely is a voluntary Police Department program that assists Police Officers in reuniting caregivers with lost or wandering loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Autism or other incapacitating conditions. This free service is a valuable tool in identifying distressed individuals quickly and effectively. The Lower Providence Township Police Department will also provide registered caregivers with information about the Alzheimer's Association and the services they offer.
To enroll in Project Return Safely, simply read the Project Return Safely Instructions
then print the Project Return Safely Registration Form or obtain a registration form in the Lower Providence Police Department lobby. Complete the form and attach a recent photograph of the participant. Mail the registration form and photograph to:
Project Return Safely Coordinator
Lower Providence Township Police Department
100 Parklane Drive
Eagleville, PA 19403
Or call the Project Return Safely Coordinator, at 610-539-5901 for more information.
  Vacation Home Checks - The Lower Providence Township Police Department has for a number of years provided this service to residents and property owners in which a police officer checks the property at least once per day in the absence of the resident. This service may be received by simply calling the Police Dispatch Center at (610) 539-5901 prior to the departure date and providing the dispatcher with the required information.
  Park and Walk Program - In furtherance of the Community Policing principles adopted by the Lower Providence Township Police Department, patrol officers park their patrol vehicles in shopping centers within their assigned patrol zone during their tour of duty and conduct a foot patrol of the business area.
  Substance Abuse Programs - Members of the Lower Providence Township Police Department are available to present educational and prevention programs to audiences of all ages concerning substance abuse. Beyond the traditional view of substance abuse as being restricted to controlled substances and drugs, the programs also cover the areas of tobacco use by young people, alcohol abuse and Driving Under the Influence issues.

Medicine Collection - A medicine return box is now available at LPPD.  The Medreturn box is sponsored by LPPD, Montgomery County DA’s Office, PA District Attorney’s Association, PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency, & PA Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs.  Any controlled, non-controlled and over the counter medications will be accepted.  Liquid products and creams in their original container, along with pet medications will also be accepted.  Syringes and illicit substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Prescription medications need not to be removed from its container.  This program is anonymous and NO attempt will be made to identify an individual. Hours of disposal:  M-F 7 am to 8 pm.

  Juvenile Fingerprinting - The Juvenile Fingerprinting Program is conducted in conjunction with schools within the Township in order to provide a means of positive identification of missing children. The fingerprints are taken by trained police personnel and the fingerprint card is provided to the parent or child for safekeeping. Parents of children who have not had the opportunity to have their child fingerprinted in the schools may contact the Police Dispatch Center at (610) 539-5901 to make an appointment.
  Officer Friendly Program - The highly successful Officer Friendly Program is conducted by a uniformed police officer and serves to foster a positive relationship between young children and the police while also providing valuable personal safety and security information through the use of lectures, booklets and coloring books. Please contact Police Dispatch at (610) 539-5901 to arrange an Officer Friendly Program.
  Bicycle Safety Program - The Bicycle Safety Program is conducted in conjunction with the Lower Providence Park and Recreation Department. The program emphasizes the safe operation of bicycles and helmet usage. Police officers provide instruction to participants, inspect their bicycles and supervise exercises through a course set up to simulate various situations that a cyclist may encounter. The program has proven to be very effective and popular and has been recently featured as an activity at Neighborhood Block Parties. In order to schedule a Bicycle Safety Program for a youth group or neighborhood, please contact Police Dispatch at (610) 539-5901.
  Police Station Tours - The Lower Providence Township Police Department station is open to tours by the public. The station tours are of particular interest to young people who can see first hand how their local police department operates. A highlight of the tour is the jail cell area. To arrange a tour of the police facility for a youth or scout group, please contact Police Dispatch at (610) 539-5901.
  Scout Program- Police officers are available to assist scout members with achieving merit badges through law enforcement related programs. Please contact Police Dispatch at (610) 539-5901.
  Street Smart Program The Street Smart Program assists children in learning the safety rules to follow when walking on or along the streets of the Township. Safety belt usage is emphasized when traveling in a car and school bus safety is addressed. Please contact Police Dispatch at (610) 539-5901 to arrange for a presentation.
  Adult Fingerprinting - Fingerprinting is provided for any adult resident or employee of a Township business for a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee. Fingerprints may be required for various licensing requirements, such as Securities and Exchange Commission licensing, Insurance Brokerage licensing, Bar Examination qualification and State Teachers' Certification. Appointments for fingerprinting may be made by calling the Police Dispatch Center at (610) 539-5901.
  Traffic Complaints

A resident may make the Police Department aware of a dangerous traffic condition by contacting the Police Dispatch Center at (610) 539-5901 and advising the police dispatcher of the specific times that violations are occurring. A Traffic Complaint Form is completed by the police dispatcher and forwarded to the Patrol Division. The Patrol Division is then responsible for conducting selective enforcement at the location in an effort to remedy the problem. The department has patrol cars equipped with VASCAR and TRACKER speed timing devices and also uses ENRADD and AccuTRAK equipment in their efforts to enforce the motor vehicle laws.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Manual

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Link
  Canine Unit

- The Lower Providence Township Police Department consists of two canine teams. The teams were trained in tracking of individuals, article searches, building searches, field searches and apprehension techniques and other areas of police canine patrol. Additionally one team is trained in narcotics detection and the other in explosive detection..

  Bicycle Patrol - Eight members of the Lower Providence Township Police Department have been certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) for police bicycle patrol. The department currently utilizes police patrol bicycles at special events, shopping center and apartment patrols and neighborhood patrols.
  DUI Enforcement - The Lower Providence Township Police Department is a member of the Valley Forge Area DUI Task Force which is comprised of several area police departments that combine their efforts and resources in addressing the issue of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Controlled Substances. The Task Force conducts sobriety checkpoints and specific patrol details for DUI offenders.
  Police Department Hotline
Police Hotline Symbol small
  The Lower Providence Township Police Department has established a hotline to solicit leads from residents on tobacco, drug and alcohol violators. This information, along with other independent information, has led to successful investigations and arrests.

In addition, the hotline has been expanded to provide a means in which parents can report "party" information. Parents who obtained prior information of an upcoming drug or alcohol party can report the information through the hotline. The police will attempt to notify the parents of the host juvenile prior to the party, in the hopes of preventing a tragedy.

The Lower Providence Township Police Department Hotline number is (610) 539-3195.
  Accident Reconstruction - One member of the Lower Providence Township Police Department is a certified accident reconstructionist, recognized as an expert in the field. The reconstructionist is charged with determining the causation of all serious and fatal automobile accidents. The department was fortunate enough to receive a generous donation of a state-of-the-art laser measuring device for the measurement and computer aided diagramming of accident scenes
  Curfew Ordinance - Lower Providence Township Ordinance Number 274 was enacted to assist in regulating the activities of individuals under 18 years of age in public places. The Ordinance restricts anyone under 18 years of age from public places between 10:00 P.M. and 6:30 A.M., Sunday through Thursday, and between 12:00 midnight and 6:30 A.M. on Friday and Saturday. The penalty for a violation of the Curfew Ordinance ranges from $25.00 to $300.00 plus the costs of prosecution.
  Emergency Alarm Ordinance - Lower Providence Township Ordinance Number 462 is intended to regulate burglar and fire alarms installed in residences and businesses. The Ordinance requires that all alarm systems be registered with the Police Department and be in compliance with the provisions of the Ordinance. The Police Department' administers the Ordinance and is available at (610) 539-5901 to provide assistance in interpreting or complying with the provisions of the Ordinance.
  Police Reports
  Accident Reports - Copies of accident reports prepared as a result of an accident investigation conducted by the Lower Providence Township Police Department may be obtained by completing and submitting a Request for Information Form, which should include the date, time, location and report number of the report requested.  All requests will be considered in compliance with the applicable Pennsylvania statutes with respect to public records.  A fifteen dollar ($15.00) fee is charged for a police accident report. Additional fees are charged for reconstructed accidents, photographs andn video.
  Incident Reports - Copies of police Incident Reports may be obtained, with specific restrictions on the release of incident reports as delineated in the Criminal History Records and Information Act, The Juvenile Act, The Right to Know Act, and the rules relating to discovery in a criminal proceeding, for a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00). The Lower Providence Township Police Department reserves the right to refuse the release of reports in conformance with the above statutes and redact sensitive or personal information from any report deemed appropriate for release.
Police Department
Stanley M. Turtle, Chief of Police
phone (610) 539-5901, fax (610) 630-2219

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