Comprehensive Sign Ordinance Adopted

Graphic of pen signing document

The Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors have adopted an ordinance that consolidates the Township’s sign regulations. The ordinance is the culmination of an effort that included input from the business community.

Recognizing that existing sign regulations were disjointed and cumbersome, the Township formed an ad-hoc committee to draft an ordinance combining the regulations. Serving on the committee were supervisors, staff, and members of the Township Planning Commission. The committee also sought input from the Lower Providence Business Association.

The comprehensive ordinance covers all manner of signs, in all zoning districts. The Board approved the ordinance at its January 18 meeting.Supervisor Colleen Eckman noted that existing signage is not affected by the new ordinance. It will apply to new signage moving forward.

“We’re very happy with it,” said David Maris of the Lower Providence Business Association, thanking the board for including the business association in the process.