Supervisors Outline Goals for 2018

2018 Goals

The Board of Supervisors outlined a detailed set of goals that will drive a collaborative effort of the Board, Township staff, and community members for the remainder of 2018. Board Chairman Patrick Duffy explained that the goals will enhance the Township’s mission to provide exceptional services to its residents and businesses. The goals were presented for discussion at the Board’s business meeting on March 15.

The initiatives to be undertaken include:

  • Open Space/Trails/Sidewalks Steering Committee: A committee comprised of stakeholders from the Board, staff, Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Board will inventory Township-owned parks, open space, trails and sidewalks. The committee’s analysis will form the basis for an updated Parks and Recreation planning module and Open Space Plan in the future.
  • Audubon School Study: The study will determine whether it is appropriate and feasible for the Township to obtain the property.
  • Contract negotiations: Contracts will be negotiated with the Police and Non-Uniformed Workers which fairly compensate employees while remaining fiscally-responsible to taxpayers.
  • Emergency Services Committee: The committee will analyze the volunteer fire company and Emergency Medical Service company to ensure that both have the workforce and funding to continue to provide excellent services to the community.
  • Economic Development: Multiple open houses will be hosted by the Supervisors to present to residents and current and potential businesses details on ongoing and planned development. Work will continue to improve outreach and communication to resident and developers.
  • Targeted Traffic Improvements: The three most problematic traffic areas in the Township will be identified and an improvement plan for each will be developed.
  • Increased Civic Involvement: In partnership with various Township groups, a program will be developed to recognize “Business of the Year,” “Volunteer of the Year,” and “Citizen of the Year.”
  • Zoning Code Update: The code will be reviewed and revised as necessary for uniformity and consistency.

Chairman Duffy said that the status of the goals will be assessed at a public meeting at the end of the year.