Keep Winter Wonderful

Prevent stormwater pollution this winter with these tips.

Help keep this winter wonderful by preventing stormwater pollution in our waterways.Just like rainwater, snow forms stormwater that can carry pollutants into storm drains and creeks. Battling the ice and snow this season can pose a threat to our waterways if done improperly.  Salt used to prevent ice on driveways, roads, and sidewalks makes its way into streams and can be toxic to wildlife.  Snow that accumulates in streets can carry oils and toxins from the road into the water. We all know that pests like rodents and insects love to hide out in our homes over the winter, but pesticides and insecticides eventually enter our waterways via stormwater and can be very harmful to aquatic environments.

Do your part this winter season to protect our watershed from stormwater pollution!  Follow these tips to keep our water clean:

  • Dispose of snow in vegetated areas; never dump it into the street or streams
  • Use natural and non-toxic alternatives to chemical pesticides and insecticide sprays such as boric acid or bait boxes
  • Use safe and effective alternatives to salt for ice prevention, such as sand or kitty litter
  • Report large quantities of uncovered salt to the DEP, 484-250-5900
  • Visit for more information