Winter Weather Reminders and Resources

Township Building in snow

When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Will You Know What to Do?

Everyone needs to be prepared for winter storms - take a moment for a refresher on snow removal and winter weather safety.

When a Snow Emergency is declared:

  • Parking is prohibited on the odd numbered side of the street unless there is no off-street parking available at or within 300 feet of the property
  • Anyone driving a vehicle without chains or snow (all-weather) tires that becomes stalled, incapable of moving or left unattended is in violationof the snow emergecy provisions
  • Any vehicle parked, stalled, incapable of moving under its own power or left unattended upon any street or road of the Township may be remove or towed by the Police Department

Thank you for your cooperation. Any questions regarding the Snow Emergency Declaration may be directed to the Lower Providence Township Emergency Manager, Michael Rohlfing, 610-635-3546, or the Lower Providence Police Department, 610-539-5901.

Snow Removal

The Public Works Department counts on your cooperation to help them maintain roads during inclement weather. You might see a Public Works plow truck go up and down your street several times during a snowstorm. The Township does not plow curb to curb until after the storm is over. If you can, wait to shovel the bottom of your driveway until Public Works is finished plowing.  Please review these important snow removal reminders.

The following are state roadways in the Township: Audubon Rd., Pawlings Rd., Eagleville Rd., Ridge Pike, Egypt Rd., River Rd., Evansburg Rd.,  Trooper Rd., Level Rd. (between Ridge Pike and Yerkes Rd) Park Av., Yerkes Rd., and Route 422. For plowing concerns on these roads please contact PennDOT at 1-800-349-7623. For concerns on Germantown Pike, contact Montgomery County, 610-278-3613.

Stay Informed

Make sure you're signed up to receive messages from ReadyMontco - it's your official source for alerts about severe weather, emergencies and other disasters in the Township and across Montgomery County. The Township also will provide storm-related information such as closures, snow emergency declarations, and meeting cancellations on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

Power Outages

Should you experience a power outage, contact PECO at 1-800-841-4141 or You can sign up at PECO's website to receive text messages that alert you of estimated restoration times and other important outage information.

Weather Terms You Need to Know

  • Winter weather advisory - Conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences that may be hazardous. If caution is used, these situations should not be life-threatening.
  • Winter storm watch - Severe winter conditions, such as heavy snow or ice, may affect your area; however, the location and timing are still uncertain. Watches are issued 12 to 36 hours before a potentially severe storm. Keep on top of the situation by tuning into NOAA weather radio, local radio and TV stations, and other news sources. Also, monitor alerts, check your emergency supplies, and gather any items you may need if you lose power.
  • Winter storm warning - Life-threatening, severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours. People in the warning area should take precautions immediately.
  • Blizzard warning - Sustained winds and gusts of 35 miles per hour or more and considerable falling or blowing snow are expected to prevail for three hours or more. Take precautions.

Before the Storm

Make sure you're prepared to weather the storm with this pre-storm checklist from the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety.

Additional resources:

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