Department Structure

Traffic stop

The department maintains two divisions or units.

The Patrol Division is the largest unit and is responsible for the primary police services provided to the Township. The Patrol Division is composed of four platoons that are each supervised by a Sergeant. Patrol cars are equipped with Mobile Data Computers (MDC) which are computer terminals that provide officers with instantaneous information on driver's license information, vehicle registration information, stolen vehicle information, wanted person information and confidential messaging between vehicles and the Police Dispatch Center. Officers are also able to prepare accident reports and incident reports in their vehicles and transmit them electronically to the records management system server in the police station. All of the patrol cars are equipped with Mobile Video and Audio Recorders (MVAR) that are utilized to digitally record vehicle stops, DUI enforcement, suspicious activity and crime scenes. Within the Patrol Division, specialized units are maintained within the Traffic Unit, with responsibility for coordinating traffic enforcement and traffic safety, and the Bicycle Patrol Unit.

The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of all criminal offenses that occur within the Township. A Detective Sergeant supervises the division.

The department also participates in regionalized specialized police services with officers assigned to Central Montgomery County Special Weapons and Tactics (CMSWAT) team and the Montgomery County Drug Task Force.


Lower Providence Police 2022 Organizational Chart 

LPPD 2022 Organizational Chart