Snow Removal Information

Shoveling tip

The Public Works Department counts on your cooperation to help us maintain roads during inclement weather. Please remember:

  • It is almost impossible to keep snow from being deposited at driveways during plowing. Click here for a helpful tip.
  • Do not place snow from driveways into the street
  • Please clear snow from around fire hydrants on your property
  • During plowing, keeping main roads open and passable is the first priority. As soon as all major roads are clear, equipment is moved immediately to residential areas. Because they carry the lowest volume of traffic, cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets are the last plowed.
  • State and Montgomery County roads are cleared by their own crews.  Click here for a list of these roads and contact information.

  • State law requires that vehicles be completely clear of snow and ice and headlights be on when windshield wipers are in use.

When a Snow Emergency is declared:

  • Parking is prohibited on the odd numbered side of the street unless there is no off-street parking available at or within 300 feet of the property
  • Anyone driving a vehicle without chains or snow (all-weather) tires that becomes stalled, incapable of moving or left unattended is in violationof the snow emergency provisions
  • Any vehicle parked, stalled, incapable of moving under its own power or left unattended upon any street or road of the Township may be remove or towed by the Police Department


If there’s a fire hydrant outside your home or place of business, please consider taking the time to maintain it in the event of snowfall.   A clear, 3-foot path on all sides makes hydrants easier to locate and can save precious time in an emergency.

Mailbox Damage

It’s possible that some residential mailboxes will suffer damage during a snowstorm.  If damage is caused by snow or ice hitting the mailbox, or due to deteriorated materials, repair or replacement is the responsibility of the resident.  If it is believed that the damage is the result of direct contact with a plow truck, please call the Public Works Department, 610-635-3525, 8after the storm has subsided and within 48 hours, and we will evaluate the damage to determine responsibility.  

    What About Sidewalks?

    Property owners and tenants of properties bordering public streets are required by Township Ordinance to thoroughly clear a pathway at least 30 inches wide in the sidewalk within 48 hours after it stops snowing.  In ice or sleet events, tenants/owners are required to cover the sidewalk with ashes, sawdust or similar materials. Placing snow in the roadway or gutter is prohibited (Ordinance 120-34).

    Snow Removal: What You Need to Know

    Snow Removal Brochure