Trash & Recycling

NEW! Mascaro's Pilot Program Expands Recycling for Residents

As part of its contract for curbside collection of recyclables, J.P. Mascaro now collects flexible plastic packaging (FPP). Click here to find out more about the innovate program and what can be recycled.

Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Collections

Some residents have been experiencing service-related issues with trash, recycling, and yard waste collections. The Township has discussed this matter with J. P. Mascaro & Sons, Inc. They are working aggressively to respond to any problems that are reported and also making some internal proactive changes to minimize any future incidents.

For best resolution to service issues, residents are asked to call:

  • Marketta or Jamilla at Mascaro         1-800-432-1616

If the problem is not resolved, please contact:

Denise Walsh/Lower Providence    610-635-3531 or

Yard waste is a more variable issue as the amount and weight of these items varies dramatically from week to week – especially following storms. When trucks fill and cannot complete the routes on Wednesdays, completion of collections will be made that same week no later than Saturday; normal trash trucks will not collect these items.

J.P. Mascaro & Sons is the contracted residential trash hauler for the Township. Under the new contract, effective 3/1/2015, residents' trash/recycling bills have been reduced by $42.72. All residents must maintain trash service with Mascaro and will be billed directly by Mascaro. To contact J.P. Mascaro: 1-800-432-1616

New mattress disposal requirement: The Township has been notified by J.P. Mascaro & Sons that all mattresses and box springs must now be wrapped with plastic before collection as bulk pickup. According to the company’s notice, the new requirement is to protect its employees from bed bugs. Click here for disposal options and information provided by the company. Please contact JP Mascaro & Sons with any questions or inquiries about the requirement, 1-800-432-1616.