Road Reconstruction, Sewer Line Installation

Improvement Project graphic

The Township’s road improvement project will continue with road work beginning the week of July 2 to include the following roads: Wayne Av., Evans Rd., Henry Rd., Mann Rd., Brant Rd., Robin Ln., Wren Rd., Cardinal Rd., Sandpiper Rd. Level Rd., Shawnee Cir., Tomahawk Dr., Oaklyn Av., Walker Ln., Brimfield Rd. and Tomstock Rd.

The contractor has notified affected residents and the Public Works Department also provided a handout. Local residents and emergency vehicles will have access. The contractor will maintain traffic control during work hours and a member of the Public Works Department will be on location.

Previously, Tomstock Road, from Belmont Avenue to Woodland Avenue, and Brimfield Road, from Woodland to just past Sandown Road, were recycled. The the final wearing course will be completed in a few weeks.

Sewer Authority Pipe Installation

In its continued efforts to remove inflow and infiltration from the sanitary sewer, the Sewer Authority is planning to replace the main sanitary sewer lines and laterals serving the properties on the following streets starting July 16:

  • Village Green Lane, Highgate Road, Long Meadow Drive and North Midland Avenue
  •  North Park Avenue between Village Green Lane and Foster Avenue
  • Martha Lane between Deerfield Drive to Long Meadow Drive

All property owners affected by this work will be contacted by advance of the start of construction. Questions about the project should be directed to the Sewer Authority at 610-539-6161 during the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday or email