Police Reports

Accident Reports

Copies of accident reports prepared as a result of an accident investigation conducted by the Lower Providence Township Police Department may be obtained by completing and submitting a Request for Information Form, which should include the date, time, location and report number of the report requested. All requests will be considered in compliance with the applicable Pennsylvania statutes with respect to public records. A fifteen dollar ($15.00) fee is charged for a police accident report. Additional fees are charged for reconstructed accidents, photographs and video.

Incident Reports

Copies of police Incident Reports may be obtained, with specific restrictions on the release of incident reports as delineated in the Criminal History Records and Information Act, The Juvenile Act, The Right to Know Act, and the rules relating to discovery in a criminal proceeding, for a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00). The Lower Providence Township Police Department reserves the right to refuse the release of reports in conformance with the above statutes and redact sensitive or personal information from any report deemed appropriate for release.