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Welcome to Lower Providence Township.

Meetings Cancelled
The Zoning Hearing Board meeting scheduled for 9/22 and the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for 9/28 have been cancelled.
Board of Supervisors' Actions

September 15, 2016 Meeting:

Click here for a summary of the Board's actions from the

September 15th Board of Supervisors meeting.

Traffic Advisories

Traffic Counting - The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission will be collects travel volume information in Lower Providence Township. This involves DVRPC staff laying a rubber tube across roadway for approximately 48 hours (to gather daily traffic volumes) or manually recording traffic from a vehicle parked near an intersection (to gather turning movement information).  These efforts will not interfere with normal traffic operations. Traffic counting information is available on the DVRPC website (www.dvrpc.org).site at Products and Services | Traffic Counts from the Resources menu. 

Sign Regulation Information

Political signs are most directly regulated by state authorities. The posting of all signs on utility poles is prohibited by state legislation and by the utility companies. Lower Providence Township Ordinance §143-139 prohibits signs affixed to trees, fences, utility poles or upon rocks or other natural features. All freestanding signs shall be placed outside of the ultimate right of way of any public street and not on any governmental or school property. Under Township Ordinance 143-139.B(3), no sign shall be placed in such a position as to create traffic hazards by obscuring sight triangles or by causing confusion with official street signs due to color or location.

While recent case law largely limits local enforcement of the displaying of political signs, the Township requests that political candidates and their staff members abide by the standards described above. 

Transportation News

422 River Crossing Project - Work has begun on a new US 422 bridge over the Schuylkill river.  This work is focused on replacement and expansion of the U.S. 422 bridge.

To find updates and video on other local/regional transportation  projects visit our "Transportation News" webpage.





Located in south central Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Lower Providence Township reflects a unique mix of history and progress. Lower Providence Township encompasses 14.77 square miles, which includes the geographic areas of Audubon, Collegeville, Trooper, Eagleville, Yerkes, and Evansburg. From these villages has grown a community joined in a commitment to provide a safe, productive and prosperous environment in which to reside, raise a family and conduct business. With the City of Philadelphia situated approximately 17 miles to the east and easy access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Schuylkill Expressway, Interstate 476 and the Route 202 and Route 422 corridors, Lower Providence Township is truly strategically located for the projected growth into the 21st Century.

Lower Providence Township is a municipality that is governed as a Township of the Second Class with a Board of Supervisors consisting of five elected residents. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the appointment of the Township Manager, who executes the policies of the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors also appoints all advisory and regulatory boards.

Within the confines of Lower Providence Township is a portion of Valley Forge National Historical Park and Evansburg State Park. Evansburg State Park provides for a multitude of recreational activities such as horseback riding, hiking, picnicking, biking, fishing and hunting. Mill Grove, the world-renowned first home in America of John James Audubon, is maintained as a museum and wildlife sanctuary by Montgomery County.

The award winning Methacton School District provides extraordinary educational opportunities for Township residents. The Woodland Elementary, Eagleville Elementary, Audubon Elementary, Arrowhead Elementary and Arcola Middle School, a Nationally Recognized School of Excellence, are all located within the Township.

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